Ultrafect™ Reagent System

Cat. No. MB502-1000 Size : Ultrafect Reagent: 1 ml TransPlus Reagent: 1 ml Cat. No. MB502-0100 Size : […]


Cat No. MB803-0500 Size: 500 ml Cat No. MB803-0100 Size: 100 ml Storage: Stable at room temperature up […]


Description OnePCR is a ready-to-use PCR reaction mixture. Simply add primers, template, and water, the reagent will execute […]

DireXPCR™ System

Cat No. MB210-0100 Size: 100 reactions Cat No. MB210-0010 Size: 10 reactions Store at -20°C Description The DireXPCR™ […]

StemGO™ S-Replace

Cat No. CC532-0050 Size: 50 mL Description StemGO™ S-Replace is a serum-free medium supplement that supports the growth […]

N2 SF Supplement, 100X

Cat No. CC529-0005 Size: 5 mL Description N2 SF Supplement is a serum-free supplement and intended for use […]

B 27 SF Supplement, 50X

Cat No. CC528-0010 Size: 10 mL Description B 27 SF Supplement is an optimized serum-free supplement used to […]