Serum Free and Specialty Media

StemGO™ S-Replace

Cat No. CC532-0050 Size: 50 mL Description StemGO™ S-Replace is a serum-free medium supplement that supports the growth of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) cultured on fibroblast feeder cells. StemGO™ S-Replace is designed to replace fetal bovine serum (FBS) in existing protocols.

N2 SF Supplement, 100X

Cat No. CC529-0005 Size: 5 mL Description N2 SF Supplement is a serum-free supplement and intended for use with NeuroGO™ Medium. It is provided as a 100X concentrate. N2 SF Supplement is recommended for growth and expression of neuroblastomas as well as post-mitotic neurons in primary cultures from both the peripheral nervous […]

B 27 SF Supplement, 50X

Cat No. CC528-0010 Size: 10 mL Description B 27 SF Supplement is an optimized serum-free supplement used to support the low or high density growth and short or long-term viability of hippocampal and other CNS neurons. B 27 SF Supplement is provided as a 50X liquid and suitable for use in most […]

CD-Freezer™ Medium

Cat No. CC520-0100 Size: 100 mL Description CD -Freezer™ Medium is a cryopreservation medium after adding DMSO and suitable for cell lines cultured with serum-free or serum-contained media. CD -Freezer™ Medium is chemically defined and animal origin-free medium to avoiding contamination from virus, fungus and mycoplasma.

HybriGO™ SF Medium

Cat No. CC801-0500 Size: 500 mL Description HybriGO™ SF Medium is a serum-free medium optimized for the growth of a variety of hybridomas and the production of monoclonal antibodies.