Custom Service

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service

We offer high quality custom polyclonal antibody production services and project design for your needs. We have expert team to design antigen to increase specificity and affinity of antibodies. Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service We guarantee purified custom polyclonal antibodies 1-5 mg/antigen, and an ELISA titer of 1:64,000 for basic package. […]

Dual Labeled Probe

We provide custom designed dual labeled probe set, including one probe and a pair of primers. Regular package: one vial of probe (5 OD) with 5’ FAM (reporter) and 3’ TAMRA (quencher), and two vials of primers (2 OD each). Many reporters and quenchers are available. No extra charge for […]

Custom Peptide Synthesis

We provide flexible purity from crude, desalted, >75%, >85%, >95% and 98% Modifications: Include fluorescence-conjugation, phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, amidation, labeling, cyclization and many more. Special service: Include custom peptide library service, long peptide (>100 amino acid) QC data: Include MS and HPLC analysis for each peptide Optional service: Include TFA […]

Acro miR Vector System

RNA interference (RNAi) is the most effective method to knock down gene expression to study protein function. For long-term or conditional turn-on silencing experiments, miR vector system is the best choice for this purpose. We provide custom and pre-designed miR construct. Latest version of miRBbase sequence database version 21. Regular […]

Acro miR & anti-miR System

● We provide updated and comprehensive miR mimics and inhibitors for human, mouse, rat and many species. ● Latest version of miRBbase sequence database version 21. ● Regular package: One vial of 4 OD for double-stranded miR mimics or single-stranded miR inhibitors plus 1 OD of FAM-labeled universal negative control […]