GScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit

Cat No. MB306-0050 Size: 50 Reactions Cat No. MB306-0005 Size: 5 Reactions Store at -20°C Description The GScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit contains all necessary reagents for both reverse transcription and PCR amplification to occur in a single reaction tube. Components for both cDNA synthesis and PCR are combined in a single […]

Random Hexamers primer

Cat No. MB702-0100 Size: 100ul Conc.: 50uM Store at -20°C Description Random Hexamers are short oligodeoxyribonucleotides of random sequences [d(N)6] that anneal to random complementary sites on a target DNA or RNA and serve as primers for DNA synthesis by a DNA polymerase or reverse transcriptase. During cDNA generation, random priming gives […]

Oligo (dT)20 primer

Cat No. MB701-0050 Size: 50ul Conc.: 50uM Store at -20°C Description Oligo(dT)20 primer is a string of 20 deoxythymidylic acid residues that hybridizes to the poly(A) tail of mRNA and can be used as a primer for the firststrand cDNA synthesis with the reverse transcriptase. The primer is supplied in the […]

GScript First-Strand Synthesis Kit

Cat No. MB305-0050 Size: 50 Reactions Description The GScript First-Strand Synthesis Kit is a recombinant M-MLV RTase expressed in E. coli and purified to homogeneity. It has a lower RNase H activity and a high thermal stability. The enzyme is widely used to synthesize first-strand cDNA at temperatures up to 55°C with […]

RiboIN RNase Inhibitor

Cat No. RI001-2500 Size: 2500U Cat No. RI001-0400 Size: 400U Description RiboINTM RNase Inhibitor is a protein which specifically inhibits ribonucleases. It is used in applications such as in vitro translation, cDNA synthesis, RNA in vitro synthesis, RNA purifications, etc. RNase inhibitor is easier to use and eliminate than the vanadyl ribonucleosides. […]