1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tube

Cat. No.: PC101-5000
Size: 5000 Tubes/Case
◆ Using imported PP materials, resistant to chemical corrosion and low temperature,
compliant to USP Class 6 standard
◆ Ultra high centrifugal stability, centrifugal tolerance up to 30000xg
◆ Withstand sterilization under high temperature and pressure 121°C/15psi
◆ Tube cap can be opened or closed with one hand, easy to operate
◆ Available in sterile or unsterile options
◆ None of DNA RNA enzyme or endotoxin
Microcentrifuge tubes are made of transparent high polymer materials polypropylene (PP), used with microcentrifuge and widely used in molecular biology, clinical chemistry and biochemical research.
Sterile: No
Tube: PP