2019-nCoV control plasmid system


Cat. No. SM317-0250
Size: 50 μl X 5 vial
The current detection protocol for new coronavirus is mainly nucleic acid detection including: virus sample preparation, viral nucleic acid extraction, RNA reverse transcr iption to cDNA, QPCR detection and analysis. We clone partial gene sequence of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV- 2; novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)), that causes coronavirus disease 2019 into pcDNA3.1(+) vector or pGH vector, respectively. These constructed plasmids could be used as the positive control of 2019-nCoV detection.
Quality Control
The quality of the 2019-nCoV control plasmid system is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality.
◆ Detection of expressed genes.
◆ Examination of transcript variants.
Required Materials  
◆ qPCR reagent
◆ Reaction tubes and caps /qPCR plates and seals
◆ qPCR thermal cycling instrument
◆ DEPC- treat water
◆ Gene-specific primers and fluorogenic prob
◆ ROX reference dye (optional)
◆ RNase inhibitor (optional)
Plasmid Information        
Plasmid Name Vector Backbone Insert Gene Length (bp) Whole Length (bp)
pcDNA-nCoV-S pCDNA3.1(+) 3822 9188
pcDNA-nCoV-E pCDNA3.1(+) 228 5619
pcDNA-nCoV-M pCDNA3.1(+) 669 6060
pcDNA-nCoV-N pCDNA3.1(+) 1260 6615
pGH-nCoV-1abN pGH 739 3656
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