DireXPCR™ System

Cat No. MB210-0100 Size: 100 reactions
Store at -20°C

The DireXPCR™ System is designed for amplification of DNA from whole blood, animal tissues, i.e., human nail dander, oral mucosa, and plant tissues, i.e., maize, rice, or Arabidopsis. For blood, DireXPCR™ System is designed to perform PCR directly from sample with no prior DNA extraction or sample preparation. Blood stored at 4 °C or frozen, and preserved with EDTA, citrate or heparin are all suitable for this master mix. For Animal or plant, tissues were extracted using puncher or other tools, with 0.5 mm in diameter is able to
add directly into a 25 μl PCR reaction without pre-treatment. The recommended size of plant tissue is <1 mm in diameter. DireXPCR™ System is a premixed ready- to-use solution containing reaction buffer, dNTPs, loading dye, glycerol, PCR enhancers, and Hot Start Taq DNA polymeras specially engineered by GeneDireX as 2- fold concertration. The Hot Start Taq prevents non-specific amplification due to mispriming and/or formation of primer dimers before thermal cycling, and it also posses 2X faster elongation rate than conventional Taq. The modified Hot Start DNA Polymerase is resistant to most PCR inhibitors and retains its activity in the PCR reaction. DireXPCR™ System mixture is supplied at the 2X concentration to allow approximately 50% of the final reaction volume to be used for the addition of primer and template solutions. Reagents are provided with the sufficient amplification reactions of 20 μl each.

  • Sample is added directly to PCR reaction, therefore there is no need for time-consuming and expensive DNA purification steps
  • Master Mix format with premixed gel loading dye—minimizes possibility of cross-contamination, reduces sample handling time and allows directly loading to gel
  • Amplify fragment size: up to 5 kbs
  • High speed: 15-30 seconds/kb

  • Genotyping
  • Transgene detection
  • Gene knockout analysis
  • Sequencing
Kit Content

Catalog number MB210-0100 MB210-0010
DireXPCR™ 1000 μl 100 μl
Novel Juice 1000 μl 50 μl
Quality Control
The quality of the DireXPCR™ System is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality.
Required Materials

  • Raw material
  • PCR tubes
  • PCR thermal cycler
  • Electrophoresis equipment
MB210-0100 Protocol
SM210-0100 Protocol