DUAL Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell/Fungus)

Cat. No. NA015-0100Size: 100 Reactions
Cat. No. SN015-0100Size: 100 Reactions
◆ Fast, reproducible and easy processing by using reagent or spin column system.
◆ To isolate high quality genomic DNA.
◆ Isolated genomic DNA is compatible with various downstream applications.

The DUAL Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/ Cultured Cell/ Fungus) is designed to combine the reagent system and spin column system. The kit could be used to isolate the genomic DNA from the whole blood, frozen blood, buffy coat, cultured animal/ bacterial cells, and fungus. This unique reagent system ensures the DNA with a high yield and good quality from the samples. The spin column system is designed to purify or concentrate DNA products which have been previously isolated with the reagents. The entire procedure can be completed in 1 hour without the phenol/ chloroform extraction. The purified DNA is suitable for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

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