Dual Labeled Probe

  • We provide custom designed dual labeled probe set, including one probe and a pair of primers.
  • Regular package: one vial of probe (5 OD) with 5’ FAM (reporter) and 3’ TAMRA (quencher), and two vials of primers (2 OD each).
  • Many reporters and quenchers are available.
  • No extra charge for probe and primer design.
  • Available for many species.
5′-FAM/ 3′-TAMRA
5′-TET/ 3′-TAMRA
5′-HEX/ 3′-TAMRA
5′-FAM/ 3′-BHQ1
5′-CY3/ 3′-BHQ2
5′-CY5/ 3′-BHQ3