GD Reagent (Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent)

Cat No. NA001-0100 Size: 100 Reactions
GD Reagent (Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent) provides an easy 3-step method to isolate high yields of genomic DNA (from tissue, cultured animal and bacterial cells, blood and serum). This unique reagent ensures total DNA with a high yield and good quality. If a large sample is required, the reagent volume can be scaled up proportionately, making this reagent not only user-friendly but also highly versatile. The DNA phenol extraction is not required and the entire procedure can be completed in 90 minutes. The extracted total DNA is ready for use in PCR, Real-time PCR, Southern Blotting, Mapping and RFLP.

  • Fast procedure and delivering high-quality genomic DNA.
  • Ready-to-use DNA for high performance in any downstream application.
  • Consistent DNA yields from a small amount of the starting material.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Ease of DNA extraction technique or method.