SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix, Low Rox

Cat. No. SQ102-0100Size: 100 rxns (for 20 µl/ rxns) /
200 rxns (for 10 µl/ rxns)
Cat. No. SQ102-0020Size: 20 rxns (for 20 µl/ rxns) /
40 rxns (for 10 µl/ rxns)
Storage: Stable for up to 1 year at -20°C
A 2X concentrated mix of Taq polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, fluorescent dye (detection), reference dye and proprietary buffer components, the SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix, Low Rox provides a convenient, reliable and robust set-up for performing quantitative real-tim e analysis of DNA samples. Designed specifically for the aforementioned niche of application, the components of SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix, Low Rox promise topnotch performance with respect to sensitivity, sign al-to-noise ratio and elimination of primer dimers. Furthermore, the proprietary chemical modification of the DNA polymerase included in this mastermix allows for hot-start PCR, conferring a significant reduction in non-specific PCR amplification that is otherwise of a common occurrence with regular Taq polymerases.
Based on the fact that the qPCR instruments can vary from user to user, we suggest that the SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix, Low Rox is compatible with qPCR instrument: ABI® 7500 (Fast); Viia™; QuantStudio; Illumina Eco; Stratagene® Mx3000, Mx3005, Mx4000.

Fig.1 Results of SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix Efficiency.

Fig.2 Standard curves by using SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix, calculated by Ct valuse.

Fig.3 Amplification plot of SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix detected by ABI Real-Time PCR system.