GScript First-Strand Synthesis Kit

Cat. No. MB305-0050 Size: 50 Reactions
Cat. No. SM305-0050 Size: 50 Reactions
The GScript First-Strand Synthesis Kit is a recombinant M-MLV RTase expressed in E. coli and purified to homogeneity. It has a lower RNase H activity and a high thermal stability. The enzyme is widely used to synthesize first-strand cDNA at temperatures up to 55°C with increased specificity, higher yields of cDNA, and more full-length product than other reverse transcriptases. It can generate cDNA from 100 bp to 12 Kb. The GScript RTase has a special activity with its secondary structure, rendering stabilization during the reverse transcription reaction.
Quality Control
The quality of the GScript First-Strand Synthesis Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality.
MB305-0050 MB305-0050
Protocol Protocol
MB305-0050 SM305-0050
GScript RTase GScript RTase
5X 1st strand buffer 5X 1st strand buffer
dNTP mix dNTP mix
Oligo(dT)20 Oligo(dT)20