ITS-M, 500X

Cat. No.: CC002-1000
Size: 1 ml
Store at 4°C
◆ Reduced the amount of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)

The GeneDirex ITS-M is a mixture of insulin, transferrin, and sodium selenite. It is a general cell supplement designed for use in classical media such as DMEM, RPMI-1640 and nutrient media such as Ham’s F-12 or DMEM/F12.
They stimulate cell proliferation of a variety of cells under serum-reduced conditions, enhance cell proliferation, and decrease the serum requirement of many cell types.
Insulin is a hormone that promotes glucose and amino acid uptake by the cell. It is thought that the mitogenic effects of insulin are due to the insulin-like growth factor receptor, IGF-1 receptor. Transferrin is an iron transport protein that functions to transport iron into the cell. The protein also serves to detoxify the medium from oxygen radicals and peroxidase. Selenium is an enzyme cofactor that activates glutathione peroxidase, a player in the detoxification of oxygen radicals.
When ITS-M is used with a low percent serum, proliferation is reported to be similar to medium supplemented with 10 percent serum. Supplementation with ITS-M allows for a reduction in the serum requirement of the culture.