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GeneDireX, Inc. Launches A New EvaGreen qPCR Reagents Branded with Simply

30 October, 2017 by Chuan-i Li, Scientist @GeneDireX, Inc.

Early this year we had designed a new formulation with EvaGreen to develop new products in qPCR reagent and we name them, SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix. We have done series test to compare performance with qPCR reagents from other brands including ABI by QS3(ABI) and Eco(Illumina) in our Lab.

  1. Our SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix shows the best performance in Illumina Eco system and comparable efficiency with ABI reagent.
  2. Performance of SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix in ABI QS3 also deliveries amazing results comparing to ABI qPCR reagent which might be optimized with their own hardware.