Novel Express qPCR System-ROX Free

Cat. No.: QP003-0100 Size: 100 Reactions
Cat. No.: QP003-0020 Size: 20 Reactions
Sample: 10~100 ng DNA or 1~10 ng cDNA
Store at -20°C up to 1 year and protected from light.
The Novel Express qPCR System-ROX Free provides a simple, specificity, and stability for performing quantitative analysis of DNA samples. The reagent has the proprietary concentration with the HotStart DNA polymerase, SYBR Green I, dNTPs, Mg2+, reaction buffers, and enhance stabilizer. The Novel Express qPCR System-ROX Free contains a hot-start DNA polymerase that blocks activity at room temperatures. Activation is restored after the enzyme activation step at 95°C, thereby providing an automatic “hot start” for Taq DNA polymerase in real time PCR (qPCR). The SYBR Green I fluorescent dye is specific binding with the DNA double strands ensure the consistency of the fluorescent signal and qPCR product. The Novel Express qPCR System-ROX Free is supplied at the 2X concentration to allow
approximately 50% of the final reaction volume to be used for the addition of primers, template, and nuclease -free H2O. Reagents are provided with the sufficient amplification reactions of 20 μl each.
Kit contents
Contents QP003-0100 QP003-0020
Novel Express qPCR Reagent 1000 μl 200 μl