GeneDireX, Inc.

μBLooK™ LED Transilluminator

  • Optimize for use with the DNA fluorescent dyes.
  • The blue light source is good for 30,000 hours.
  • Higher sensitivity and rotating bracket can help easy to observation.
  • Plastic tray design can keep the experimental environment clean.


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μBLooK™ is a remarkable blue light LED transilluminator for the detection of under non-UV excitation conditions. Since blue light, wavelength 470nm is used, there is no need for any special eye or skin protection. The stained gel places in its’ plastic tray and ready-to-observation when putting on the device platform.
μBLooK™ is designed to inspect the gel, stained with the Novel Juice, Novel Green, Novel Green Plus after electrophoresis. Further, it is perfectly designed for OnePCR™, OnePCR™ HiFi, OnePCR™ HotStar, which contains the fluorescent stain compatible with the blue light wavelength.

*However, μBLooK™ is not suitable for ethidium bromide.

Size(LxWxH)193mm x 196mm x 33mm
Gel Viewing Dimensions (LxWxH)99mm x 119mm x10mm
Disk (LxWxH)86mm x 114mm 10mm
Input voltage100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage12V, 1.5A(18W)
LED sourceBuilt-in blue light LED module
LED life (hours)>30000 hrs
Emission maxima(nm)470 nm
Store temperature25℃
Operating temperatureAmbient to 40℃