GeneDireX, Inc.

100 mM dNTP Set

  • Compatible with almost DNA polymerases in a variety of applications.
  • ≥ 99% pure as determined by HPLC analysis.
  • Exceptional stability.


100 mM dNTP (2′-deoxynucleoside 5′-triphosphate) Set consists of all four deoxynucleotides (dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP), each at a concentration of 100 mM. The deoxynucleotides are suitable for use in polymerase chain reaction (PCR), sequencing, fill-in, nick translation, cDNA synthesis, and TdT tailing reactions. The product is supplied as ready-to-use solutions.


  • PCR amplification

Quality Control
The quality of the 100 mM dNTP Set is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality.


DN040-4000 & DN046-1000

ST040-4000 & ST046-1000


DN040-4000_100 mM dNTP set_DN20340224-MSL

DN040-4000_100 mM dNTP set_DN20360035-MSL

DN040-4000_100 mM dNTP set_DN20360248-MSL

DN046-1000_100 mM dNTP set, PCR Grade_DN20320028-MSL

DN046-1000_100 mM dNTP set, PCR Grade_DN20350139-MSL

ST046-1000_100 mM dNTP set, PCR Grade_ST20360029-MSL

ST046-1000_100 mM dNTP set, PCR Grade_ST20360039-MSL


DN040-4000 & DN046-1000_MSDS

ST040-4000 & ST046-1000_MSDS