GeneDireX, Inc.

Extract Reagent (Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent)

Size: 100 Reactions

50 mg of fresh tissue,
5 x 106celture animal cells
1X 109 bacterial cells
Format: Reagent form
Operation time: 90 minutes
Elution volume: 50~100 μ


  • Fast procedure and delivering high-quality genomic DNA
  • Ready-to-use DNA for high performance in any downstream application
  • Consistent DNA yields from a small amount of the starting material
  • Time flexibility
  • Ease of DNA extraction technique or method
  • Expense reduction


Extract Reagent (Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent) provides an easy 3-step method to isolate high yields of total DNA (from tissue, cultured animal and bacterial cells, blood and serum). This unique reagent ensures total DNA with a high yield and good quality from samples of unlimited size. If a large sample is required, the reagent volume can be scaled proportionately, making this reagent not only very user-friendly but also highly versatile. The DNA phenol extraction is not required and the entire procedure can be completed in 90 minutes.


  • Quantity of DNA needed.
  • Molecular weight and size of DNA.
  • The purity of DNA required.
  • Downstream applications of DNA.

Quality Control
The quality of the GD Reagent is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality