GeneDireX, Inc.

Gel Loading Dye (6X)

Size: 500 μl/ vial


  • Two- color tracking of DNA migration during electrophoresis
  • The dye do not interfere with UV visualization of DNA fragments
  • EDTA inhibits metal dependent nucleases.

Store at 4°C up to 12 months.
For longer periods, store at -20°C.

Cat.No. LD010-0500 Category

The Gel Loading Dye (6X) is used to prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. It contains two tracking dye s (bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF) for visually tracking the DNA migrat ion during the electrophoresis process. The Gel Loading Dye (6X) provides thre e functions in electrophoresis. The dyes themselves migrate independently from the samples, allowing the user to estimate the migration of nucleic acids. T he loading dye imparts color to the samples, which visually facilitates the lo ading process. Last, the loading dye increases the density of the sample, which ensures even loading in the sample well. The ready-to-use format means no more exposure to potentially irritating and harmful powdered dyes.

Quality Control
The quality of the Gel Loading Dye (6X) is tested on a lot-to-l ot basis to ensure consistent product quality.
Note: In 1% agarose gels, xylene cyanol FF co-migrates with ~4000 bp DNA and bromophenol blue co-migrates with ~300 bp DNA.