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Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/ Cultured Cell)

Size: 100 Reactions

up to 200 μl of whole blood,
up to 200 μl of buffy coat,
up to 200 μl of plasma,
up to 200 μl of serum,
up to 200 μl of body fluids,
up to 5×10⁶ lymphocytes
up to 5X 10⁶ cultured cells,
up to 5×10⁶ of bacterial cells
Format: spin column
Yield: Up to 50 μg
Operation time: Within 60 minutes
Elution volume: 50~200 μl


  • Delivering high-quality genomic DNA with the fast procedure
  • Ready-to-use genomic DNA for high performance in any downstream application
  • Highly purified and high yield genomic DNA can be extracted from various samples
  • Optimized lysis buffer for the efficient lysis
  • Designed to rapidly purify high-quality DNA using spin column format

Kit Contents

Contents Size
Buffer CK 25 ml
Buffer W1 45 ml
Buffer W2 (Add ethanol) 15 ml (60 ml)
Buffer BE 10 ml
Column CC 2 x 50 pcs
Collection Tubes 2 x 50 pcs
Proteinase K (Add ddH₂O) 40 mg (2 ml)



The spin-column based Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/ Cultured Cell) was designed specifically for genomic DNA isolation from whole blood, frozen blood, buffy coat, cultured animal and bacterial cells. Its unique buffer system ensures genomic DNA with high yield and good quality from samples while the spin column purifies and concentrates genomic DNA products previously isolated with the buffer system. The entire procedure can be completed in 1 hour without phenol/chloroform extraction needs. Purified genomic DNA is suitable for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions.


  • Gene cloning
  • PCR
  • SNP genotyping

Quality Control
The quality of the Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality.







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