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HotStar DNA Polymerase

Size: 500 units


  • Ideal for high specificity PCR applications.


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The HotStar DNA Polymerase is a recombinant thermo-stable Taq DNA polymerase with an aptamer-based inhibitor designed for preventing non-specific DNA amplification in PCR reactions. This product contains two components, include HotStar DNA Polymerase and 10X HS PCR buffer. The activity of polymerase is inactivated by a reversible binding of the aptamer to the polymerase at temperatures below 45°C. The aptamer-based inhibition does not require an additional heat activation step required by antibody-based or chemically modified hot start polymerases. The aptamer inhibitor releases the enzyme during normal PCR cycling, allowing reactions to be set up at room temperature. The HotStar DNA Polymerase is suitable for high PCR specificity and yield. The HotStar DNA Polymerase is purified from an E coli. strain, expressing a Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase gene.
This enzyme possesses a 5′ →3′ polymerase activity and a 5′ → 3′ exonuclease activity (but lacks a 3′ → 5′ exonuclease activity), and a terminal transferase activity that adds a single deoxyadenosine (dA) to the 3´ ends of PCR products. The HotStar DNA Polymerase can be used for high-specificity PCR, multiplex PCR, routine PCR, and generation of PCR products for TA cloning. 1.25-2.5 units of HotStar DNA Polymerase is recommended for use in 50 μl of PCR reactions.

Quality Control
The quality of the HotStar DNA Polymerase is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality