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Size: 500 mL

Storage: 2 to 8°C

☑  The premium alternative to commonly used basal medium
☑  Sustain cell proliferation
☑  Passed gene stability test/STR-PCR
☑  Maintains compatible cellular bioactivities

[+] Phenol Red
[+] 3.9 g/L D-Glucose
[+] L-Glutamine

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OneMEDIUM is a new, novel and easy-to-use cell culture basal medium. It is an innovative application of cell culture methods. It simplifies experimental procedures, in the meanwhile, remains cell proliferation and maintains cellular activities. It is designed to replace the basic medium commonly used in cell culture.


▼ Cell morphology using OneMEDIUM and their suggested medium.
Jurkat cell (human T lymphoblast) and ARPE-19 cell (human retinal pigmented epithelial cell) were expanded using OneMEDIUM supplemented with fetal bovine serum (FBS). Cell morphology culturing with OneMEDIUM is similar to their suggested medium (RPMI1640 and DMEMHG/F12).


Dot blot analysis of anti-c-Myc expression in 9e10 cell conditioned medium.
9e10 cells culture using OneMEDIUM could sustain good antibody production even in reduced FBS condition.


▼ CD 45 expression on THP-1 cells.
Flow cytometry data histograms of different media has presented with a similar signal pattern of CD45 positive THP-1 cells cultured using OneMEDIUM.


▼ Cell morphology and CD90/CD105 expressions.

▼ Cell differentiation tests on hBMMSC.