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SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix Kit

Size: 125 Reactions

Storage: Store at -20°C up to 1 year and protected from light.


  • Time efficiency – included most reagents for real-time PCR reaction.

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SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix Kit provides a convenient, reliable, and robust setup for performing quantitative real-time analysis of DNA samples. This ready-to-use qPCR Master Mix contains strategically -engineered, next-generation Taq Polymerase, DNA Polymerase, providing for rapid extension rates and robust performance. With specialized reaction conditions, this polymerase provides increased processivity, yields, and sensitivity, compared to wild-type Taq DNA polymerase. DNA Polymerase has 5’-3’ polymerase and 5’-3’ exonuclease activities, lacks 3’-5’ exonuclease activity, and produces 3’-dA-tailed amplicons. qPCR products made with DNA Polymerase can be used with TA cloning vectors. The kit contains dye comparable to SYBR Green™ and EvaGreen™.


  • Gene expression (mRNA) analysis.
  • Microarray validation.

Quality Control
The quality of the SimplyGreen qPCR Master Mix Kit, is tested on a lot-to-lot basis to ensure consistent product quality.

Required Materials

  • Real-time PCR tubes
  • Real-time PCR instrument
  • RNase – free H2O