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SR DMEM/F-12 (1:1)

Size: 500 mL

Storage: 2~8°C

Optimized conditions for conventional cell cultivation

  • Reduce 50% – 90% FBS usage
  • Less FBS interferences on experimental results
  • Stable performance and cost effective for research


SR DMEM/F-12 (1:1) medium is a new formula basal medium for mammalian cell culture, exhibits low requirement of serum consumption but remains similar constancy of conventional DMEM/F-12 (1:1) medium. Comparing with conventional DMEM/F-12 (1:1) medium applications, SR DMEM/F-12 (1:1) medium can save up to 50 ~ 90% serum and still maintain cells in good proliferation, morphology, genome stability.

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