GeneDireX, Inc.

SR DMEM, high glucose

Size: 500 mL

Storage: 2~8°C

[+] 4.5 g/L D-Glucose
[+] Phenol Red
[+] 0.11 g/L Sodium Pyruvate
[+] MEM Non-Essential Amino Acids
[-] L-Glutamine


SR DMEM, high glucose, is widely used to culture mammalian cells with serum reduction. Compared to the classic DMEM high glucose, this formulation can reduce up to 50 ~ 90 % of serum usage without impacting cell growth rate or morphology. This medium allows for lower culture condition fluctuations and will sustain serum usage time. This product can be used to culture MDBK, HepG2, COS-7, A549, MDCK, WI-38, and Vero cells without domestication. The product is prepared using water-for-injection.