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R-PE Labeling Kit, New Launched!

The R-PE is extracted from an endemic species of red algae in Taiwan, it is relative photo-stable and remains strong fluorescence intensity.

R-phycoerythrin (R-PE) is a fluorescent protein used to label antibodies, and it is one of the increasing demands of biological laboratories in recent years. Fluorescent protein-labeled antibody is a direct combination of fluorescent dye and antibody, which can be detected without enzymes/substances. Therefore, it is a useful tool for customers in many fields, and the expression level of the target protein can be directly and clearly seen during the application process.

Fig. 1 Fluorescence intensity test, at same R-PE concentration, the fluorescence intensity of Simply R-PE is stronger than the other market brand.

Fig. 2 Photostability test, after several fluorescence excitation, the fluorescence value of Simply R-PE is significantly higher than that of other market brand, and the fluorescence intensity is not easy to decline after several excitation.


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