Agarose-Molecular Biology Grade

 Cat. No. MB755-0100  Size: 100g 
 Cat. No. SM755-0100  Size: 100g 

  • DNase/RNase-free
  • Fast and convenient
  • Greater gel-to-gel consistency
  • Gels as low as 0.5% are feasible
  • Safer and cleaner to use than conventional agarose powder

  • Ideal for separating nucleic acids of a wide range of sizes
Agarose- Molecular Biology Grade (DNase/RNase free) are designed to provide a cleaner, safer, no-mess environment. Simply add powders to electrophoresis buffers, heat the solution, and then prepare your gel.
Storage Conditions: Cool, dry place
Gel Strength(1%) : not less than 1200 g/cm2
Gel Temperature : 34.5 ~ 37.5°C
Electroendosmosis : 0.09 ~ 0.13 -mr
Sulfate Content: not less than 0.15%
Moisture Content : 0.0 ~ 10.0%
Source: USA
MB755-0100 Protocol MSDS
SM755-0100 Protocol MSDS