UltraTRAX™ Transfection Reagent

Cat. No. SM508-1000 / MB508-0100Size: 1000 μL / 100 μL
Cat. No. MB508-1000 / SM508-0100Size: 1000 μL / 100 μL
Store at -20°C
• Fast – only 30 minutes
• Excellent transfection efficiency in the presence or absence of serum

The Simply UltraTRAX™ Transfection Reagent is formulated to be a powerful transfection reagent that ensures effective and reproducible transfection with less cytotoxicity. After UltraTRAX™ and plasmid mixed, the UltraTRAX™/ plasmid complexes protect DNA from degradation and facilitate efficient plasmid delivery into eukaryotic cells. The entire procedure can be completed in 30 minutes.
• For high efficiency and lower toxicity, transfect cells at high density. Around 70~80% confluency is highly recommended.
• Maintain the same seeding conditions between experiments.
• Different cell types and number of passages might lead to different transfection efficiency, and we recommend using at least two different concentrations of transfection reagent as control in new transfect experiments to optimize experimental conditions.
• Endotoxin-contaminated DNA results in inefficient transfection and can cause high cellular toxicity.

UltraTRAX Transfection Reagent is a low cell toxicity and non-liposome reagent optimized for DNA delivery. It provides effectively, reproducibly, and affordable benefits for scientific research.

UltraTRAX is suitable for different cell line transfection.